Västra Harg,


Where do we live?

We live in the middle of Sweden, in the province of Östergötland outside the city of Linköping. It’s a beautiful part of our province and diocese. Västra Harg is a small village with 500 inhabitants, has open areas with fields and also areas with forrest. There is a small lake just outside our house where you can swim during summer.

This area is also a natural preserve with an old and unique mix of trees. You can frequently spot moose, fox, deer and wild boar here (but you don’t what to hit them with your car).

Sara works in the parish of Västra Harg which today also includes 5 other parishes. She serves together with 2 other clergy. We live in a parsonage which has hosted clergy since 1880. Sara is the first female clergy here and she has many predecessors, the last one served here for 29 years.

Since we left the Philippines we have been busy with moving in, arranging things, receive a 20” container with more stuff, get our kids in school and start up new jobs - phuuu. That’s it. (Yes, we had 4 days in Denmark, Legoland) We been to our national office in Uppsala to report our years in the Philippines.

We are now adopting to our old/new country. Things are familiar but we can sometimes feel as strangers. Yes, and Sweden can be a bit cold. At least if you have spent some years in a tropical climate. Judit is trying to get used to wear a jacket, mom and dad are trying to get used to long dark period. During winter time the sun rises at 9 am and sets at 3 pm - true.

Yes, we live here!